AutomateWoo Licenses (Legacy)

IMPORTANT UPDATE: AutomateWoo has moved to the WooCommerce Extensions Store which means product licenses are now managed on If you need help with your subscription please refer to the guide on Managing subscriptions.

The following documentation only applies to legacy subscriptions. licenses

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As above, AutomateWoo has moved to the WooCommerce Extensions Store which means product subscriptions no longer require a license number and are now managed on

If you have purchased AutomateWoo from and you are still being asked for a license key please check that the license key origin setting located at AutomateWoo > Settings > General is set to

Once that is set to, AutomateWoo will be able to be activated like any other purchased extension.

Legacy licenses

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If you have a legacy license you are entitled to one year of updates and customer support from the AutomateWoo team for the products to which the license relates.

Expired licenses

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If your subscription is not renewed or ends for any reason, the associated license key will expire. Expired licenses may still be used to activate new and existing sites but these sites will not receive plugin updates. If your site has an expired license you also won’t be able to receive customer support for that site. 

Development Installs

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Do you use more than one environment for WordPress development?

License activations are only counted on live sites, which means staging and local development installs are NOT counted. To do this, we look at the URL of your WordPress install, and if it matches a certain pattern it will be marked as a development install.

Permitted URL patterns are listed below. If you think we should add to this list or if you have a specific staging URL please let us know.

  • stage
  • staging
  • test.
  • .test
  • dev.
  • .dev
  • localhost
  • uat.
  • qa.
  • local
  • loc.
  • beta.

License of the AutomateWoo Codebase

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The AutomateWoo codebase, and the codebase of each add-on, is released under version 3 of the GNU General Public License. This license provides you with the freedom to:

  • use the software for any purpose,
  • change the software to suit your needs,
  • share the software with your friends and neighbours, and
  • share the changes you make.

You can find the full terms of the GPL license here.