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Checkout in Order Delivery

After the customer has added some products to the cart and proceeds to checkout, a new section called “Shipping & Delivery” will appear in the checkout form. Its location and content will depend on the chosen configuration when setting up the extension.

Note: The “Shipping & Delivery” section will only appear for orders that need shipping, and the selected shipping method supports delivery.

Delivery estimation

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If you opted to just notify the customer about the delivery details, this info will be displayed with no action required from the customer.

The delivery information will be updated automatically when the checkout data changes. E.g: The customer selects a different shipping method.

Choose the delivery

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Letting the customer choose the delivery date and the time frame in which to receive the order is a great point for your store. That’s why it’s the default option and where Order Delivery really shines.

In this option, a calendar with the available delivery dates will be displayed.

Note: Non-available dates will appear greyed in the datepicker and cannot be selected.

Once the customer selects a date, the time frames selector will appear in case the selected date is split into ranges of hours.

Note: The delivery fields will be optional or required depending on your configuration.

Additionally, you can include descriptive text above the delivery fields to explain to the customer how your delivery works and let him choose the date that better affords his needs.

Every time the checkout form is updated due to a change on its data, the delivery fields are updated too. E.g: When the customer selects a different shipping method, the available dates in the calendar may be different.

In case no delivery date is found for the current checkout data, the delivery fields will be hidden. E.g.: The customer selects “Local pickup” as the shipping method, and the setting “Enable for local pickup” is not enabled.

Note: Selecting a delivery date doesn’t change the available shipping methods.

How far the delivery dates can be selected in the calendar is determined by the setting “Maximum delivery days”. So, for a 30 days configuration, customers must select a date from today to the following 30 days.


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The delivery fields are validated like any other checkout form data. In case the selected date or time frame is not valid, an error message will be displayed and the purchase couldn’t be completed.

If everything is ok, the order will be placed and the delivery details will be included on it. More info here.


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When the cart contains subscriptions, the checkout behavior is mostly the same, but it’s true there are slightly differences. Please, check out or Subscription Guide for more info.