Introduction to Order Delivery for WooCommerce

Order Delivery for WooCommerce

Order Delivery for WooCommerce by Kestrel is the all-in-one solution that makes it easy for your customers to choose their preferred date, time slots, and shipping method at checkout.

As Store Manager, you can decide which dates are available for shipping and delivery, disable the delivery on specific periods, limit the number of orders that can be delivered per day, and charge additional fees.

By capturing the delivery details, orders are processed more efficiently, productivity is improved, and customers are more satisfied.

The following content aims to explain how this extension works and how to set it up to take advantage of all possibilities and features it offers.

We recommend starting with the Store Manager Guide to better understand the order delivery workflow, how the extension works, and how to set it up properly.

If you are working with subscriptions, we also have a guide for it.

To know how Order Delivery behaves with a specific WooCommerce extension or WordPress plugin, take a look at the Integrations section.

For a quick setup of special cases, check out our How-to Guides.

Finally, in our FAQs and Troubleshooting sections, you will find answers to the most common questions and issues.

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