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Delivery fees

Order Delivery allows you to charge additional costs (fees) to the customers for choosing a specific day of the week or a delivery time frame.

Some examples of applicable fees are:

  • A $7,5 extra cost for Saturdays.
  • A $5 fee for Monday’s early morning (8 am – 10 am).

Add a fee

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To add a delivery fee:

  • Go to “WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping & Delivery > Shipping Options“.
  • Scroll down to the setting “Delivery days“.
  • Select a delivery day or one of its time frames.
  • Add a value to the option “Fee amount“.

Note that when a delivery day is split into time frames, the fees must be defined in the time frames.

A delivery fee is represented by the following data:

Delivery fee settings
Delivery fee settings


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A fixed amount to charge the customer. The field only supports valid prices without the currency symbol. The price format may vary depending on your store configuration. E.g: 4,50.

This is the unique info required to create a fee. Once you enter a non-zero value, the rest of the fee options will appear.

To remove a fee from a delivery day/time frame, just set the option to zero or an empty value.


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The label to use in the Order details. Use a descriptive text like “Saturday fee”.

If you leave this field empty, the label “Delivery fee” will be used.

Tax status

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This option defines if the fee is taxable or not.

The fee amount entered previously is always before tax, but you can apply taxes to the fee. Just select the option “Taxable“.

Tax class

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This option is only available for taxable fees, and it allows you to define the class used to apply the different tax rates. E.g: Standard, Reduced rate, etc.


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During checkout, when a customer selects a delivery day or time frame that has a fee, this one will be applied automatically to the Order total and displayed in the Order review table.

Delivery fee applied to the order during checkout
Delivery fee applied to the order during checkout

Additionally, to simplify the process of choosing a time frame for the customers, when a time frame has additional costs, this info will appear in the selector.

Selecting a time frame with a delivery fee
Selecting a time frame with a delivery fee

Order details

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Once the order has been placed, the delivery fee is reflected in the Order balance and the Total row.

Order details with the delivery fee applied
Order details with the delivery fee applied

Of course, the delivery fee also appears when editing an order:

Edit order view
Edit order view


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When working with subscriptions, the delivery fee is only applied to the initial order, and not to the recurring cart. This is due to the delivery fee is an extra charge for the chosen delivery details, and these details only apply to the initial order.

Subscription with a delivery fee in the initial order
Subscription with a delivery fee in the initial order

The delivery details of a subscription are automatically updated for each renewal. Our extension assigns the first available delivery date based on the customer preferences.

If the renewal is automatic, no delivery fees are applied to the renewal orders, even if the assigned delivery details have an extra charge. Some reasons for this behavior are the following:

  • The customer didn’t really choose these delivery details.
  • The delivery day and time frame assigned might not be the same as the one chosen in the initial order. E.g: The delivery date/time frame is completed and doesn’t accept more orders.
  • Not all payment gateways support changing the subscription amount for every renewal.

Note: To apply an extra cost to subscriptions renewed automatically, we recommend including the cost in the shipping method.

On the other hand, for manual and early renewals, the customer needs to make use of the checkout form. At this point, he can choose the delivery details, so the delivery fees are applicable again and only for this renewal.


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