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FAQ and Roadmap


  • Email Decision Tree

    Twelve steps to WooCommerce Follow-up Email happiness. 1. Product Matches Exact product matches are processed first, followed by always_send product matches. Look for specific product matches that are always_send=off and email_type!=storewide Skip date emails that have send dates in the past Store remaining matches sorted by priority as $emails 2. “Always Send” Product Matches always_send […]

  • Why do my Follow-ups Not Send?

    WooCommerce Follow-ups is a premium extension. Emails aren’t getting sent! Why? If CRON is foreign to you, first make sure this line DOES NOT exist in your wp-config file: define(‘DISABLE_WP_CRON’, true); If it does, remove it immediately and spend some time re-testing the plugin on your system. There are several other factors that could prevent emails […]

  • Follow-Ups FAQ

    Why aren’t my emails being sent? This deserves its own page. See Why emails may not be sending. In addition to following the instructions in the link above, be aware that using HTTP authentication as protection for unwanted users from seeing your website, WP-Cron will likely be blocked, and not fire on your website. If you […]

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