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Level Up Your Store Sale

Game Over

The Level Up Your Store sale has ended.

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What Will You Choose to Level Up?

Here are some ideas on where to start!

Drive repeat purchases with subscriptions

Allow your customers to stay stocked up on their favorite products with no extra effort, and increase your recurring revenue, by offering subscriptions.

Streamline shipping for you and your customers

Deliver on (and exceed!) customer expectations by implementing a smooth and straightforward shipping process. Improve the experience by only showing available shipping options and enabling customers to track their package.

Incentivize visitors to make a purchase

Some customers may require a bit of a nudge to complete their purchase. Avoid losing valuable sales by combining tactics like abandoned cart emails, product offers, and discounts.

Promote your products and increase store traffic

There are folks out there just waiting to fall in love with your products, but they may need a little help finding them. Start promoting your products on Google, Instagram, or wherever your target customers are spending their time.

Increase your average order value with product bundles

Enable your customers to quickly purchase sets of related products with fixed and customizable product bundles to increase your average order value.

Protect your store against fraudulent activity

Gain peace of mind by adding an extra layer of protection to your store. Use passwords, CAPTCHAs, and risk scoring to guard against fraudulent orders.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Our blog is packed full of tips and tricks on how to take your online store to the next level.

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