Follow-Up Emails Use Case: Send a Request for Review after a Successful Purchase

Customers typically send reviews of your products on their own. In case they don’t, either because they forget or they don’t know it’s possible, you can ask them to do it after X days.


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Configure a Review email

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Go to Follow-Up Emails > New Email and click Add New at the top of the screen. Add a title for your email. I’ll use Review for this example and select the type Storewide email.


Go to Step 2.

Enter an email Subject and choose when to send the email. A week after purchase is a fair amount of time to for the customer try the product. The event for sending the email is after Order Status: Completed.


It’s almost ready. Continue to Step 3 and write the email body. I only use only the placeholder {item_names}, which prints a list of products purchased by the customer in the order related to that email, along with a link to single product pages so he can find them and add a review.


Save your email, and wait for a new order. A week after it has been marked Completed, the plugin sends a follow-up email to the customer asking him/her to review the product and, hopefully, he/she is kind enough to comply!