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Bounced email addresses

As a plugin, AutomateWoo does not directly manage the delivery of emails sent from your site. This will either be done by your web host or by an external email delivery service such as MailGun or PostMark.

We highly recommend using an email delivery service as mentioned in our Making sure your emails are delivered doc.

Email Bounces are when the delivery of an email fails for certain reasons such as when the mailbox doesn’t exist (i.e. customer typed email incorrectly) or the mailbox is full. To protect your domain’s reputation it’s important to stop sending emails to mailboxes that consistently bounce.

Since AutomateWoo does not deliver emails it can’t detect which email addresses are bouncing. However, most email delivery services will automatically add bounced email addresses to a suppression list which prevents emails from being sent to those mailboxes.

MailGun is an email delivery service that automatically handles bounced emails. Plus, they offer 10,000 free sends per month! For more information on how their suppression system works check out their docs: What Are Mailgun Suppressions?