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Reward customers with points for purchasing specific products

The WooCommerce Points and Rewards plugin is a way to reward customer loyalty and incentivize larger transactions. However, WooCommerce Points and Rewards can only reward points for purchases, submitting reviews, or creating an account. AutomateWoo offers an Add Points action which vastly expands the functionality of WooCommerce Points and Rewards.

The following example workflow will award points if a customer places an order containing three specific products and then send them an email sharing their total number of points and their monetary value.


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Workflow Setup

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  1. Create a new workflow.
  2. Use Order Paid for the trigger.
  3. Construct the rules for your workflow. In this example, we want to award points if the order contains three specific products. To accomplish this, add a group of three rules; one for each product.

    In order for this workflow to work as intended, make sure these rules are in the same group.

  4. Add the action Customer – Add Points.
  5. Enter the number of points to be awarded.
  6. Include a description in the Event Description field to explain why the points have been awarded.

    The description entered here will appear on a customer’s account page under their log.

  7. Add the action Send Email.
  8. Use {{ customer.email }} in the To field.
  9. Include an appropriate subject in the Email subject field.
  10. Include the {{ customer.points }} variable in the Email content to notify users about their updated point total and/or their value.

    By default, {{ customer.points }} will return the customer’s total points. Include the formatting parameter to display the monetary value: {{ customer.points | format: 'price' }}

  11. Preview your email.
  12. Save your workflow.

That’s it! This workflow will now automatically award points whenever customers purchase a certain set of products.