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Incentivize customers to leave a review with a coupon

Use case

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This workflow will create an automatic post-purchase review email to send to customers to help solicit product reviews which can be used to help build your SEO and drive more traffic to your store. Include a coupon to incentivize the review.


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  • Create a coupon – before we can construct the workflow, you will need to create a discount to offer your customers. You can create personalized coupons for each of your customers by following the personalized coupons guide.

Workflow setup

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  1. Create a new workflow
  2. Select the New Review Posted trigger. Please note this trigger doesn’t fire until the review is approved.
  3. Include the This Workflow’s Run Count for Customer rule and specify that it should be less than 1. This ensures each customer can only receive this email (and reward) once.
  4. Click Add Action and select Send Email and include the variable {{ customer.email }} as the email address.
  5. Populate the required fields.
  6. Create your email content which thanks the customer for taking the time to share their opinion. Invite them to use a unique discount coupon code in your store as a reward. Include the personalized coupon by including the {{ customer.generate_coupon }} variable.


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