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Reviews: Reward customers who leave multiple reviews

Use case

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This workflow will trigger an email to send a reward to customers who leave over a pre-determined number of reviews on your products. You can limit the workflow to only ever send the reward once.


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  • A coupon – before we can construct the workflow, you will need to create a discount to offer your customers. You can create personalized coupons for each of your customers by following the personalized coupons guide.

Workflow setup

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  1. Create a new workflow.
  2. Select the Order Completed trigger.
  3. Add the Customer Review Count rule. You can segment the workflow based on the number of reviews they leave i.e. is greater than 10 – this can be used to avoid sending too many discount coupons to customers and make your campaign feel more organic. You should also look to limit it to 1 per customer.
  4. Click Add Action and select Send Email and include the variable {{ customer.email }} as the email address.
  5. Populate the required fields.
  6. Create your email content which invites the customer to review the products they have recently purchased. Use the variable {{ order.items | template: 'review-rows' }} to display the customer’s last purchases in a format of your choosing. Include the personalized coupon by including the {{ customer.generate_coupon }} variable.
  7. Set the timing to Scheduled and select an appropriate time of the day and week. Be sure to leave a sufficient minimum wait to allow for shipping.
  8. In order to make the review process as easy as possible, you can link customers directly to the review form on a product page. Simply add a HTML anchor link to the url_append field of the {{ order.items | template: 'review-rows' }} variable. Any text added to this field is automatically appended to each product URL.
  9. Click the Preview link to preview your email to ensure it is correct.


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