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Template files

Template files contain the markup for the frontend views and HTML emails in Refer A Friend. All of these templates can be customized by overriding one or more files in your theme. Customizing a template is sometimes required if you want to change the text shown on the frontend.

Template files can be found within the /automatewoo-referrals/templates/ directory:

List of template files:

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  • account-tab.php – Outputs all account tab markup
  • account-tab-referral-table-row.php – Outputs markup for a single row in the account referral table
  • account-tab-referral-tables.php – Outputs markup for both referral tables in the account area
  • email-share-button.php – Outputs a single share button for the email share widget
  • email-share-buttons.php – Outputs all enabled share buttons in the email share widget
  • email-styles.php – Contains the CSS used for the email share widget
  • share-page.php – Outputs markup for the share page
  • share-page-form.php – Outputs markup for the share form on the share page
  • share-page-login.php – Outputs login request markup, shown when a user is logged out
  • share-widget.php – Outputs the website version of the share widget
  • share-widget-email.php – Outputs the email version of the share widget

How to edit a template file

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It’s important to not edit the files directly in the /automatewoo-referrals/templates/ directory because all plugin files are replaced when you update the plugin. Edit files in an upgrade-safe way using overrides.

Copy the template into a directory in your theme named /automatewoo/referrals/ keeping the same file structure but removing the /templates/ subdirectory.

For example: To override the share page template, copy: ../wp-content/plugins/automatewoo-referrals/templates/share-page.php to ../wp-content/themes/yourtheme/automatewoo/referrals/share-page.php

Then you can make changes to the copied file and it will override the default template file in the plugin.

  • Please note: Template files will sometimes be changed in a plugin update and you might need to update your overriden templates. Please check the changelog each time you update to ensure that there were no changes that affect you.