Creating and Enabling Twitter

WooCommerce Follow-ups is a premium WooCommerce extension
Sending Tweets to your customers is now easy and automated. You can create Follow Ups that send Twitter messages when they make a purchase (or whatever other trigger you need). There are just a few steps for getting started with Twitter.

  1. You must have a Twitter account. Before starting here, please set up your Twitter account. This document will not help you with this step. Once you have gotten started on Twitter, come back and create your app.
  2. To get your API Keys as used in Follow Ups, first create a new Twitter App and set the following values.
  3. Name: Enter your app’s name. We typically user Follow Ups for xyz store.
  4. Description: Your application description, which will be shown in user-facing authorization screens. Potentially explain your store. This likely will only seen by you, so you shouldn’t worry too much about being descriptive.
  5. Website: Your application’s publicly accessible home page, where users can go to download, make use of, or find out more information about your application. Again, don’t worry too much as you’ll be the only one using this app.
  6. Callback URL: Set this to the value seen in your install of Follow Ups on your WooCommerce store. This is typically something like:
  7. You may be asked for Permissions, and if so, set them to Read and Write
  8. After creating your app, click on the Keys and Access Tokens tab to get your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret.
Now go back to your install and enter your Consumer Key and Secret. You also have the option to optionally collect Twitter name from your customers. You can enable collection in two spots.
  • Collect twitter handle on the Checkout page
  • Collect twitter handle on the My Account page