WooTickets and The Events Calendar Follow-ups

WooCommerce Follow-ups is a premium extension. WooTickets and Follow-ups are made for one another. Follow-ups allows WooTickets AND The Events Calendar customers to send automated emails and tweets to customers that sign up and buy tickets to your WooTickets based events. WooTickets works with The Events Calendar plugin to manage all ticket activity for listed events. Emails of this type are usually sent just after a customer buys a ticket, or just before the event. These emails can also inform your customers about any status change associated with the ticket or event. The criteria for sending emails based on event/ticket status is defined when creating your emails. Note: the Event emails option only works with The Event Calendar and Event Tickets extensions.

WooTickets specific variables

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Variable code Variable description
{event_name} Outputs the name of the event
{event_link} Outputs the name of the event with a link to the event page
{event_url} Outputs the URL of the event
{event_location} Outputs the name and address of the event venue
{event_organizer} Outputs the name of the event organizer
{event_start_datetime} Outputs the start date/time of the event
{event_end_datetime} Outputs the end date/time of the event
{ticket_name} Outputs the name of the ticket
{ticket_description} Outputs the description of the ticket
Of course, most of the standard variables will also work with these emails. See a full list of variables here.

WooTickets specific triggers

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  • Before event starts
  • After event ends
  • On any “ticket status” change