Mix and Match Use Case: Wine Box


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You recently started selling wine online. Instead of selling your cheaper range per bottle, you prefer to sell them per crate. However, you want to give people the option to choose 12 bottles to create a crate from the range of white, rosé and/or red. Here’s how to do this with WooCommerce.

Products used

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Set up your wine store

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  1. Install WooCommerce and Mix and Match Products. You can now offer a ‘create your own’ option. More info at: Installing Installing WooCommerce and Installing Extensions.
  2. Create wine products.
Start with three different wines. a. Go to: Products > Add Product. b. Add a title, long and short description, price and featured image. c. Publish. d. Repeat twice steps a-c. winecrate01 Because these wines are present in the shop, and we want to prevent customers from buying individual wines, we need to change visibility. e. Go toProducts. f. Select the three wines. g. Select Edit under the Bulk Actions dropdown. h. Apply. winecrate10 i. Change Visibility to Hidden. j. Update. Product quick edit panel. Highlighting catalog visibility input.
  1. Create a mix and match product for the 12-bottle crate.
a. Go toProducts > Add Product. b. Enter a name and a long and short description, plus product image. c. Select Mix and Match product in the Product Data dropdown. This displays a new Mix and Match tab. winecrate04 d. Leave checkboxes unticked next to Mix and Match product, as we want bundled shipping with a single price. e. Enter the price. winecrate05 Other tabs need to be configured also but can be done later. More information at: Mix and Match Product documentation. f. Set the container size to 12 in the Mix and Match tab. g. Add the three Mix & Match Products: White, rosé and red.   Mix and Match data panel for product metabox h. Publish.

Customer view

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When customers visit the wine product, they see the price, and the prompt to choose 12 bottles from the list. They may choose any 12 bottles before they can select Add to cart. winecrate07 Too few or too many will show this notice. winecrate08