Merging Products and Variations

If you make changes to products, you may wish to update your CSV and merge changes with your current products.

Create Your CSV

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Create a CSV, or make changes to your current CSV. To ensure that changes are mapped to the right place, you must include one of the following columns:

  • post_id
  • sku

Note that merging new data into already existing product data means that old data is overwritten. If you wish to maintain any existing data, they need to be in the document to be merged.

For example, a teashop has a two categories, accessories and tea. The store owner now wants to add a new category Green Tea to all her green teas, while still maintaining the original category  Tea. To accomplish this, the CSV file needs to specify the  tax:product_cat to be Tea | Green Tea.

If she wanted to completely change the category from Tea to Green Tea, then the file would only specify tax:product_cat as Tea.

Upload Your CSV

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  1. Go toWooCommerce > CSV Import Suite; and click Merge Products or Merge Variations.
Product CSV Import Suite - Merge
  1. Select your CSV, and click Upload file and import.
Product CSV Import Suite - Merge Upload

Map Your Products/Variations

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Map the fields to ensure everything is directed to the right place. Product CSV Import Suite - Merge Map When you’re happy, Submit. Your variations and products should now be merged.
Merging downloadable products doesn’t automatically grant access to those products for customers who have previously purchased those products.