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Customer Analysis

This Customer Analysis concentrates on the number of customers and related revenue by country. The report provides answers to these key questions:

  • Where are our customers?
  • How many customers do we have per country and what is the related net revenue?
  • How much do our customers spend on average?
  • What is our average revenue per order?
The Customer Analysis that is provided in this report provides a detailed view on the number of customers per country, related revenue and orders.
Customer Analysis
This analysis can help management in refining the marketing strategy by identifying the customer base and ascertaining regional strengths. It also helps you to target your product or service in a way that specifically meets regional demand and discover where additional marketing efforts could be fruitful. You can use the Customer Analysis to better understand your current customer base, and furthermore to draw in new customers, by efficiently targeting underperforming regions. The information can help to you increase your sales, ascertain and expand regions with highly developed customer loyalty, and to expand your business based on measurable performance results. The reported data is presented for a specific time period and can be segmented by multiple selected products, product categories and countries. Customers, Orders and Revenue driven by Products … The more holistic view in this report can provide an interesting outlook on these numbers when viewed through the lens of key products sold and their contribution to overall performance. Once more, in a business where orders tend to include multiple products, there is an opportunity to unveil volumes driven by key products. The filters for Products and Categories in this report focus the figures on those that correspond to these products. The statistics that are shown in the main chart and the pie charts of this report are derived from orders that contain the selected products or product categories. The number of customers corresponds to those who have bought these products. The order volumes reflect those orders that contain these products. The revenues are sums of the total net revenue for the selected products in those orders. When the “Extend results” options are used, the figures are based on all products purchased in orders that contain the selected products.