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Unit Sales

Unit Sales represent the total number of individual items sold per product, within a given period of time. The report on Unit Sales answers questions like:

  • How many units have we sold in this quarter?
  • Which model is selling more?
  • Has this product line met our expected growth?
The evolution of Unit Sales over time can help to determine whether the business is experiencing growth or decline in specific product lines and overall. Unit Sales are also useful to reveal profitability and profit margins. Combined with the reports on Product Revenue, it allows to analyze average selling prices for products or whole product categories. Unit Sales provide a key component in evaluating the stage of a product’s or a product line’s life cycle. They help to determine its success in comparison to competitors during the stages of introduction, growth, decline and obsolescence. The data helps management to recognize trends in Unit Sales and make appropriate decisions for each product.
Unit Sales in Pants for the current Month
An approach to analyze distribution channels and markets can be based on product categories that are used internally for reporting. With a sensible segmentation, marketing efforts and results can be contrasted along the stages of a product’s life cycle. The analysis can be focused on segments by use of product and product category filters. Additional focus can be placed on regions by using the country filter. Reports are produced per currency when sales are made in multiple currencies.