The Volume Discount Coupons extension provides the following shortcodes:

  • [volume_discount_coupons] – Renders a pretty coupon with information.
  • [coupon_volume_discount] – Renders the generated volume discount information.

These shortcodes require the indication of the coupon code via the code attribute, for example:

[volume_discount_coupon code="test"]

… would render a pretty coupon for the coupon whose code is test.

Here are examples of several pretty coupons rendered on the Coupons demo page:

Examples rendered using variations of the [volume_discount_coupons ...] shortcode

The first coupon is rendered using [volume_discount_coupon code="sweaterspromo"]. The reddish coupon is rendered using [volume_discount_coupon code="matchtops" color="red"] which includes a second color attribute that the shortcode understands.

The shortcode requires one or more coupon codes passed through the code attribute:

  • code : (required) A coupon code or a comma-separated list of coupon codes – which coupon or coupons should be displayed.

All other attributes are optional:

  • order_by : Defaults to none (renders coupons in the same order as given through the code attribute), also accepts codeand id.
  • order : Defaults to ASC, also accepts DESC.
  • color : Which color to use for the coupon or coupons: redgreenblue or yellow. More specifically, color CSS class applied along with .coupon-countdown-container and .coupon-countdown, defaults to blue.
  • stylesheet : An alternative stylesheet can be loaded, must be a valid URL pointing to the stylesheet.
  • show_code : Shows the coupon code. yes by default.
  • show_description : Show the coupon’s description. yes by default.
  • show_discount : By default, coupons show the automatic discount info. Use show_discount="no" to disable that.

Note that the stylesheet is only loaded once and only if the shortcode is used.