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WooCommerce Memberships Roadmap

WooCommerce Memberships contains lots of features for content restriction and integrating with WooCommerce Subscriptions, but there are other features that would be helpful for store owners that could be added. This roadmap document is not definite; rather, these are ideas for features we think would be helpful, but we’d like to get input on what would help the majority of stores. We’d love for your help in determining what’s most important to build. This works best if you only vote for the features you need most, then come back and vote for others as they’re built. This ensures that we prioritize the features with the highest demand. Don’t see an addition to Memberships listed that you think would be helpful? We’d love to hear it! You can suggest it to our support team and we’ll review it to add to this document. We may not add all suggestions as they may be too niche to help most sites, but we’d love to hear your thoughts. 🙂

In Development

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We’ll add details on what’s been added and what’s coming here. Version 1.12 is currently in development.

Version 1.13 (in progress)

  • Expand user membership API: Create / update / delete API endpoints for user memberships
  • Update CLI integration: migrate to being powered by Memberships REST API
  • Early renewals for subscription memberships: allow pre-expiration emails for subscription-tied memberships when using Subscriptions v2.3+

Features available in add-ons

Features in Previous Versions

  • Delayed membership start – Notify members when delayed memberships become active
  • Inherit restrictions for child posts – Let child pages inherit restrictions (completed idea)
  • REST API – Add API endpoints for developers so member data can be read or updated by external systems (completed idea)
  • Free Shipping: Add the ability to restrict free shipping to members, or exclude members from certain free shipping methods (related idea).
  • Batch processing: Improve some plugin processes for better support at scale (import, export, granting access to previous purchasers, updating email settings, etc).
  • Expiration Emails: Send an email before and after the membership expires (completed idea). More advanced email integration is available in Follow Ups.
  • Installment Plan support: ability to set membership length independent of the subscription so that a subscription can be used as a payment plan. (completed idea)
  • Membership at Registration: add option to grant membership access to users at registration (eliminates need for free purchase). (completed idea)
  • Membership set dates: Set start / end dates for memberships as an alternative to access length. (completed idea)
  • CLI support: add WP CLI support for developers.
  • Member CSV Import / Export: Adds support for exporting and importing membership lists via CSV (completed idea).
  • My Membership Area: Adds a dedicated area to the “My Account” section to show the member all accessible content and benefits from the membership (completed idea)
  • Admin transfers: Allow admins to transfer memberships from one user to another.
  • Sign up fee discounts: option to apply member discounts to subscription signup fees.
  • Improved wcm_restrict shortcode: improved shortcode to accept delay and start_after_trial attributes (completed idea)
  • Member discounts: Member discounted prices are now displayed like sale prices to illustrate discount amount
  • Member actions: My Membership actions removed for memberships tied to a subscription to force use of subscription actions
  • “Make Public” action: Lets you exclude individual posts / content from restriction rules.
  • Non-member shortcode: Adds a [wcm_nonmember] shortcode that will display content only to non-members.

Gaining member access

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Access from start date

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When a customer purchases a membership the member gets access to any content that you’ve restricted, unless that access is delayed via content dripping. However, some sites want to grant access only to future content, such as news sites that only want to give members access to content that is published during the active period. This would allow site owners to set membership access only for content published after the membership has been started. View full details, make suggestions, or vote.

Automated member assignment

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This feature would add the ability to set conditions that will automatically assign a membership rather than grant access via purchase. This would make it easier for stores to create “VIP” memberships. Membership access could be granted via lifetime events, such as when the customer reaches $1000 spent in the store, 10 purchases in a year, 25 lifetime purchases, etc. View full details, make suggestions, or vote.

Grant access via taxonomy

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This feature would add the ability to select a product category to grant access to the membership rather than a specific product. If any product in the category is purchased, access to the membership would be granted. View full details, make suggestions, or vote.

Administration improvements

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Member reporting

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This feature would add reports on memberships under WooCommerce > Reports in a new tab. Some reports would include:
  • Number / percent of members by plan (pie chart)
  • Number / percent of members by status (pie chart)
  • Length of membership / percentage (bar graph)
  • Average membership length per plan
  • and others
View full details, make suggestions, or vote.

Improved view / edit member

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This feature would show additional member information on the “View” / “Edit” member screen. This could show details such as:
  • Member activity: show last log in, login frequency this month
  • member LTV (as customer or only as a member?)
  • link to all orders for a member
  • purchase activity: show if the member discount used for a purchase
  • a better Member Notes UI to let rich editing
View full details, make suggestions, or vote.

Member experience

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Member navigation menus

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If you’d like to show or hide certain menu items based on the user’s membership, you can do so with the free Nav Menu Roles plugin + a free Nav Menu Roles – Memberships Bridge. We have a tutorial post here outlining how to use these. This feature would be a vote for member menus that would entirely replace the navigation. For example, you could create a “Silver member menu” that would replace your primary navigation for silver members. This would require the creation of a unique menu for membership plans, with the ability to add different menus for each plan if desired. View full details, make suggestions, or vote.

Add member perks like coupon restrictions

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This feature would grant the ability to create membership perks aside from product discounts. Perks could allow the shop admin to give members discounts on certain shipping methods, i.e., expedited shipping at a discount or free shipping on all orders while an active member. This feature could also add the ability to restrict usage for a specific coupon to members only, which would let you give members a free item, free shipping, one time discount, etc. View full details, make suggestions, or vote.


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Dynamic Pricing

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This can currently be achieved using a free add-on.
This feature would allow you to set up dynamic pricing rules based on the user membership as you currently can with user roles and groups. View full details, make suggestions, or vote.

Improve bbPress compatibility

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Memberships currently has limited compatibility with bbPress, as outlined in our documentation. This feature would add the ability to restrict categories and apply that restriction to child forums, apply forum restrictions to any child topics, and add compatibility for the “Hide content only” restriction mode. It would also create the ability to restrict user profiles to members only. View full details, make suggestions, or vote.


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Memberships can only restrict BuddyPress pages (such as the registration page) or indices (such as the Groups index or Members list) when the “Redirect to page” mode is used. However, this won’t restrict “children” of these, such as a specific member profile. For example, you can restrict the “Groups” page, but a particular group can still be accessed directly by URL. This is because BuddyPress uses a custom data structure outside of WordPress post types. This feature would allow Memberships to restrict BuddyPress content directly as it does other custom post type content. View full details, make suggestions, or vote.

Other Minor Features

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We haven’t added these items to our idea board yet, but if you’d like to see any of these features, please let our team know so that we can gauge interest and add them for voting.
  • Add the “Memberships” meta box to the add / edit taxonomy screen so taxonomies can be restricted from here like posts
  • Add a bulk action to change the membership plan for the selected members
  • Option to select a page to redirect to for restricted content when “Hide completely” mode is used

Feedback or Suggestions

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If you vote for one of these ideas, but have suggestions on how it should work, please leave a comment for us on the idea board so we can centralize feedback. Are you interested in a feature we don’t have listed here? We’d love to hear about it — please get in touch with the help desk so we can review it. Thanks!