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What’s New in Order Delivery 1.2

WooCommerce Order Delivery version 1.2 is a minor release that comes to fix some of the most asked questions in the support tickets and make easier the initial setup for new users. These improvements are:

  • The use of the WordPress date format.
  • Translations for the plugin calendars.


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  • WooCommerce 2.5+

 WordPress date format

Now, the plugin uses the WordPress date format always as possible. That includes the checkout calendar, emails and admin views (Except the events calendars and the edit shop-order page).

This means that to change the date format, we only need to change the value of Settings > General > Date format.

Use the WordPress date format in the checkout calendar
Wide use of the WordPress date format.

 Use a different date format

If you want to use a different date format for a specific language, especially if you have a multi-language site, you can make it translating the following strings:

  • yes [Use the WordPress date format for this language? Set to ‘no’ to use a custom format]
  • Y-m-d [Custom PHP date format for this language]

This way, the plugin will use your custom date format instead of the defined by WordPress for this language.

 Calendar translations

This release also comes with the translations of the calendar strings for the most common languages. So, the plugin calendars will be localized automatically for your current language.

Load the Spanish translation automatically

Clean expired events

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Another enhancement is that we have added a monthly task that will remove the expired events with more than one year old. This way, the admin calendars won’t store events infinitely, improving the plugin performance with the reduction of events that need to be processed.

Small Enhancements

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We also have added some small enhancements, take a look to our changelog for more info.

That’s all. If you any question, let us know it contacting support.