What’s New in Order Delivery 1.8

The 1.8 version of Order Delivery adds a highly demanded feature: The option to restrict the number of orders allowed in a delivery day or time frame.

Number of orders

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A new setting has been added to the Delivery Day form and the Delivery Time Frame form. This setting called Number of orders is self-explanatory. It will establish a maximum number of orders to be delivered in that day or time frame. Once the limit is reached, users will not be able to select the day/time frame when completing the order on the checkout page.

Number of orders in Delivery day
Use the Number of orders field to set up a limit on the day.

That setting can be set per time frame. When a delivery day has time frames, the Number of orders setting of the delivery day will be ignored in favor of the same field of the time frame.

Number of orders in Delivery time frame
Time frames can also have a maximum number of orders.

Other tweaks

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We have tested the compatibility with the new WordPress 5.5 and WooCommerce 4.5 versions.