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Bulk Product Sync with Google Sheets

Getting Started

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Instructions below to install and set up Bulk Product Sync with Google Sheets plugin.

  1. First, the free version of Bulk Product Sync with Google Sheets will need to be installed (if not already).
  2. Next, install the Pro version of Bulk Product Sync with Google Sheets by going to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
  3. Choose File for the file you downloaded.
  4. Install Now and Activate Plugin.
  5. After installation, extension settings can be accessed from WooCommerce > Settings > Google Sync.

Connect Google sheet with your store

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We have created a short video explaining how to connect your store with Google sheet. Please watch this video and perform the same steps on your site inside plugin settings.

How to sync (import products from Google sheet to site)?

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Within the “products” tab in the spreadsheet, make sure the id column is always the first column and the sync column must always be the last column (as shown in the screenshot below):

More columns can be added between the id and sync columns. These column names must be the same as listed in products keys here.

Enter product data within each row under and leave the id and sync values blank. Next, click on Google sync > Sync Data in the menu bar. See screenshot below:

When the sync operation is done, the product automatically pulls the id value and the sync column is also set to OK.

How to update product?

When the product(s) need to be updated from the Google spreadsheet to the site, the sync column value must be blank. Simply remove the “OK” value and again click on Google sync > Sync Data in the menu bar.

How to fetch products/categories from site to sheet?

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To populate your Google sheet with existing products in your store, click Google sync > Fetch Products (or Category). It will fetch all the products from your store and populate within the Google sheet.

Resetting / Unlinking the Data

At any point, the link between the Google sheet and store can be reset. This means there will not be any connection between store products and categories and sheet data. The Sync Row # column (on the Products page in the WP admin panel) will be set to “Not synced” as shown below:

Products sync column status when not linked.

When a product or category is linked, the Sync Row # will list the row value.

Video Tutorials

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All features explained in the video

00:32 What is the usage of the Bulk Product Sync plugin and how it works?
1:20 Creating a product in-store
4:00 Launch a live demo
5:00 How to install the plugin
5:45 How to connect the store with Google Sheets™
6:15 Copy/Clone the Master Google Sheets™
6:45 Copy Sheet ID and AuthCode and set them into settings
7:55 Verify connection after adding SheetID/AuthCode etc
8:00 Add/share your Google Sheets™ with a service account
8:45 Check connectivity from Google Sheets™
10:20 Ready to import products from Google Sheets™ to Store
10:45 Adding a new column for images
12:40 Adding categories into the store
13:22 Attaching categories to products with Google Sheets™
14:32 How to add more columns in Google Sheets™
14:50 Which column names/keys can be created in Google Sheets™
15:46 Adding a sky column in Google Sheets™
18:12 Managing the stock using Google Sheets™
19:12 Creating the sub-categories via Google Sheets™
20:30 How to link categories and tags with products
22:18 How to link categories and tags using Names instead IDs
24:25 Adding images to products
26:30 Creating attributes for simple products
29:00 Creating a variable product
30:20 Attaching image with variation
37:35 Fetching the products from the store to Sheet
39:20 Fetching the categories from store to Sheet
39:35 What is the chunk size setting
40:10 Metadata column & AutoSync [link]
40:42 What is meant by AutoSync
41:14 How to reset Google Sheets™
41:52 Rows Limit Error
42:44 Missing rows issue

How to AutoSync and Fetch Products

How to add custom meta columns for products


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