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How to set up Cost of Goods

Cashier for WooCommerce plugin allows you to track your total profit and cost of goods sold by adding a Cost of Good field to simple and variable products.

The costs per item and order are automatically calculated on checkout.

Setup and Configuration

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You can add a cost to your products while editing them. This cost will only be of producing the good, and should not include tax or shipping.

The plugin adds a field, Cost of Good for simple and variable products.

Simple products

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Go to WooCommerce > Products. Select a product and under the General tab, you need to enter the cost of goods.

Cost of Goods setting in Simple products – Cashier

Variable products

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For variable products, you can enter a single default cost for all variations or enter the cost for each variation.

Cost of Goods setting in Variable products – Cashier
Cost of Goods setting in product variations – Cashier

Cost of Goods stats

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Product’s profit table

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Profit table in product – Cashier

Order’s profit table

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Profit table in order – Cashier


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