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How to set up product recommendations automatically

Cashier for WooCommerce plugin automatically picks and shows products as upsells and cross-sells, based on your store’s previous orders. No configuration required, runs on auto-pilot. If your store orders contain more back case purchases with iPhone than headphones, the plugin will automatically recommend a back case when the user purchases an iPhone. All you need is to download and activate the Cashier plugin and it will take care of the rest. Now default WooCommerce shows upsells and cross-sells on the product and cart pages respectively. If you add some products in the Upsells and Cross-sells box as shown, the plugin will show product recommendations other than the ones you entered if space is available on the pages.

Default upsell in WooCommerce
Default upsell in WooCommerce
And if you keep any of the Upsells or Cross-sells or both boxes empty, Cashier will auto pick up products accordingly and show them to your visitors, thus encouraging them to buy more.
Cashier for WooCommerce - Recommend more products
Cashier for WooCommerce – Recommend more products
Smarter upsell, cross-sell, and related product recommendations. This feature will be enabled by default. This feature will try to recommend upsell, cross-sell & related products. If these products (upsell, cross-sell & related products) are already set for the product and still on the product page some empty spaces are available, this feature will try to fill it up with a few more recommendations. This will increase the chance of buying more products.