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Use these snippets to customize the appearance and functionality of WooCommerce Gift Cards.

To use a PHP snippet, download the linked file and activate it as you would with any other plugin. Alternatively, copy the contained code into your child theme’s functions.php file.

Note: We are unable to provide support for customizations under our Support Policy. If you need to customize a snippet, or extend its functionality, seek assistance from a qualified WordPress/WooCommerce Developer. We highly recommend Codeable, or a Certified WooExpert.

Snippets ↑ Back to top

Set a fixed gift card delivery date/time ↑ Back to top

Scheduled Gift Cards are delivered around the same time as the time they were added to the cart. For example, a gift card purchased on November 15, 14:00, and scheduled to be delivered on December 1, will be delivered on December 1st around 14.00.

Use the following snippet to set a custom time (hour, minute) for delivering all gift cards scheduled for delivery on a given date:

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Remove the “Have a gift card?” form from the cart and checkout pages ↑ Back to top

Use the following snippet:

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If needed, you can use the existing coupon code form input to apply gift card codes, as well. This functionality is available as a free feature plugin.

Remove the date picker from gift card product forms ↑ Back to top

The delivery date field of the datepicker is set to Now by default. To prevent customers from choosing a custom delivery date, use this snippet.

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Prevent customers from applying coupons when paying with gift cards ↑ Back to top

Use the following snippet to prevent customers from applying coupons when using gift cards to pay for an order:

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Display the remaining balance of every applied gift card ↑ Back to top

Use the following snippet to display the remaining balance of any applied gift cards on the cart/checkout page:

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Set a specific expiration date for all gift cards created on your store ↑ Back to top

To set a specific expiration date for a gift card, use the following snippet:

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Before using this snippet, it is necessary to replace the values in $base_datetime->setDate( '2021', '10', '10' ); with the custom expiration year/month/date you want to set.

Render the Gift Cards tab on a custom My Account page ↑ Back to top

To render the Gift Cards tab on a custom My Account page, use the following shortcode:


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