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Importing Products

This documentation is for the premium Product CSV Import Suite extension. If you’re looking for documentation about the product importer built-in in WooCommerce 3.0+, check out the documentation here.
Importing your products can be as nice and simple as creating a CSV file and importing that into WooCommerce.

Create Your CSV

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To get you started, you can find a sample.csv in the plugin folder, or download one here. This has many of the common fields used for selling products. For a complete list of fields available, see the column header reference If you’re planning to import product images, please be sure to read this FAQ. If you want to make sure you’re including all of the fields that are required for your online store, you can add one product via WordPress and then export that CSV to create your basic template.
If you plan to add product variations, including a SKU will make it easier to map your variations onto your parent product.

Import Your CSV

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Go to: WooCommerce > CSV Import Suite. Click the Import Products button. WooCommerce - Product CSV Import - Import Select Choose File, and upload a file from your computer or from wherever your CSV is located. Import Products Screen The delimiter is the character that separates the values, in this case a comma. Select Upload file and import. 

Map Fields

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Before completing the import, you can ensure that your column headers are mapped to the correct field in WordPress. This acts as a final check to make sure everything is will be imported correctly. Check the list to make sure that your fields are being mapped to the right place. Sample Product Field Mapping When you’re happy, click Submit. Your Products will be imported, and you’ll be provided with a real-time view of what is successfully imported and what products, if any, fail. Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 5.09.48 PM