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WooCommerce Memberships vs Groups

This comparison document takes a look how WooCommerce Memberships compares to Groups for WordPress (free). The comparison assumes that you’re also using Groups for WooCommerce ($79) to sell access to Groups.

Memberships Groups
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Plugin Cost $199+ $79+
Memberships focuses on content restriction (what members will be able to access on your site), and when access is granted, while Groups focuses on user capabilities on your site. Both can restrict your content, but they’ll do it in different ways.

Comparison chart

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Memberships vs Groups
Access and Membership Length
Feature Memberships Groups
Sell membership access via your store
Give away / manually grant membership access
Grant access for previous purchases
Grant access at user registration
Customers can have multiple memberships
Create unlimited memberships (never expire)
Create set-length memberships (expires)
Create fixed-date memberships (expires)
Subscriptions and Recurring Billing
Feature Memberships Groups
Sell recurring memberships alone
Sell recurring memberships when used with Subscriptions ($199)
Offer membership free trials with Subscriptions with Subscriptions
Can choose to exclude some content from Subscriptions free trial period
Supports subscription switching (upgrade / downgrade)
Decouple access from Subscription billing
Content and Product Restriction
Feature Memberships Groups
Display & customize content restriction messages
Show how to gain access to restricted content
Restrict entire post / content types
Restrict post / content taxonomies (category / tag)
Restrict individual page, post, product viewing
Restrict product categories / taxonomies
Restrict product purchasing (allow public viewing)
Hide restricted content completely (404)
Hide restricted content only (no 404, still show title & featured image in archives)
Restrict content via shortcode ✔ (details) ✔ (details)
Can show excerpts of restricted content to users / search engines
Content Dripping
Feature Memberships Groups
Can drip content access over time (don’t give all access immediately)
Can drip product viewing or purchasing access
Exclude trial periods from dripping
Member Management
Feature Memberships Groups
Creates a member area to show members content / discounts they have access to
Ability to transfer memberships (from admin)
Import members via CSV (supports membership [and user] creation and transfers)
Export members to CSV
Customer membership management screens
Add private membership notes for record keeping
Can email membership notes to a member
Email expiration or renewal reminders to members
Other Features or Integrations
Feature Memberships Groups
Setup complexity low high
Can provide free shipping to members
Can sell group or team access requires Teams add-on
Works with Dynamic Pricing requires Role Handler add-on
Works with User Switching
Can create automatic member discounts
Remind members to log in for discounts
Can create member coupons with Groups Coupons ($49)

Questions & support

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