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Add New WooCommerce Orders to Salesforce as Leads

Save new WooCommerce customers as leads in Salesforce with Zapier. You need:

Prepare your accounts

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Install Zapier: To connect your WooCommerce store to Zapier, ensure that you have the WooCommerce Zapier extension installed. Learn more about WooCommerce on Zapier at Getting Started with Zapier and WooCommerce. Select a Salesforce environment: To link Salesforce to WooCommerce using Zapier, you need to select a Salesforce environment. Learn more about Salesforce on Zapier at Getting Started with Zapier and Salesforce. Note: Salesforce requires a Last Name, and Company to create a Lead.

Connect your accounts

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To save new WooCommerce customers as Salesforce leads, connect your WooCommerce store to Salesforce. 1. Copy and paste the provided URL into the Webhook URL field on your WordPress dashboard. 2. Click the Ok, continue button. 3. Click Ok, Continue again, when Zapier requests access. 4. Log into your Salesforce account with Username and Password. 5. Specify which WooCommerce fields will populate the Lead fields in Salesforce. 6. Click Save + Finish to complete the Zap. 7. Test the Zap to make sure it works. Once you’re satisfied, WooCommerce customers are ready to be added as contacts to Salesforce!


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How do I make changes?

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If you want to alter the Salesforce and WooCommerce integration, go to your Zapier dashboard and tweak anything you wish.

What else can I do with WooCommerce on Zapier?

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Check out everything that’s possible with WooCommerce on Zapier, plus other ways to connect Salesforce and WooCommerce.