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Wedding Photographer

You are a wedding photographer and want to explore the world of Internet. It’s a great way to show your work and get more customers. You build a site and you need to sell the photos of your last wedding.


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You want to share the photos only to the bride and the groom. They can use different accounts to purchase their photographs, but in this case we will use only one account for both. Create a collection for their wedding. collection Be sure that the Visibility is Restricted. You do not want the photographs to be available for everybody. Now go to Photography > Add Photographs and upload all the wedding photographs. photographs You can specify a pattern for the SKU, e.g. JJM-. With this pattern all the photographs will have a SKU such as JJM-XYZ where XYZ is replaced by a number. Also, you can set a price, in this case 15. All the photographs will have this price. And obviously you need to select a colletion to which the photographs belongs. After the upload completes, you will have all the pohotgraphs listed below the Drag&Drop section so you can change SKUs, prices and collections if you need. upload-completed The collection is ready. Go now to Users > Add new and create an account for the couple. user Note that you will need to specify all the collections which that account can access. In this case, it’s only one but you can add as many as you want. If you need to specify sizes, weight and other things for each photo, you will find them in Products > All Products. Edit each of them like you need. You are done. The credentials of that account will be sent to the customers and they will be able to access the site, see the collection and purchase their photographs.


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Customers can edit the collection visibility by default. I personally do not like it in this use case, so to remove it add this code at the end of your functions.php file located in wp-content/themes/your-theme-name/:  https://gist.github.com/woogist/4b7e8bed324f84010d7b