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This shortcode is provided with the WooCommerce Product Search extension.
The shortcode [woocommerce_product_filter_reset] provides a button to reset all currently active live product filters. This is displayed when any active filters can be cleared and hidden when there are no active filters. Use this shortcode along with the extension’s live product filters as a convenient facility to have all filters cleared in one go. This works with the extension’s live filters placed as widgets, its shortcodes or its API functions. See the Product Filter – Reset widget for an example.

Shortcode Attributes

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You can use the following shortcode attributes to customize the shortcode. Example:

[woocommerce_product_filter_reset submit_button_label="Reset All"]

User Interface

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The following attributes are related to the user interface and representation of the filter.
  • submit_button_label – The text shown on the submit button that clears all active filters.


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These attributes are related to the heading that is displayed for the filter.
  • show_heading – This option will display the heading for the filter reset. “yes” or “no” – The heading is displayed when this option is enabled (this is the default) and when there are any filters that can be cleared.
  • heading – You can set a customized heading here or omit it to use the default.

Advanced Attributes

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The advanced attributes should be left at their defaults unless there is the need to approach a specific case with this filter.
  • container_id – This sets the ID of the filter’s main div container element.
  • container_class – This adds to the class of the filter’s main div container element.
  • heading_class – This sets the class of the heading element.
  • heading_element – Here you can set which HTML tag is used as the heading element. “div” by default
  • heading_id – This sets the ID of the heading element.