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Product Filter – Rating

Legacy Widget

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As of WordPress 5.8, the Block Widgets Editor replaces the previous widgets administration. The widget described here is available as a Legacy Widget when using the new Block Widgets Editor. However, to maintain full widget settings functionality, you must install the Classic Widgets plugin which restores the previous (“classic”) WordPress widgets settings screens.
This page describes a Legacy Widget. With the Block Widgets Editor, we recommend to use the corresponding Product Filter – Rating block instead. See the Blocks page for an overview of all available blocks with the extension.
With the WooCommerce Product Search extension’s rating filter, customers have a convenient way of finding products quickly based on their rating. The Product Filter – Rating widget provides a live product filter, which allows to restrict the products that are displayed to those which have a chosen average rating or higher. Product Filter – Rating Widget The filter displays the available average rating levels that can be chosen. Clicking any of them updates the page to show only products that have a corresponding average rating or higher. Here is an example with the filter limiting to include only products with an average rating of four stars or more.


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The widget can be used in your theme’s sidebars, to provide a convenient way of finding products based on average ratings. By default, the widget will render if there are any products with ratings. It will offer appropriate star rating options that customers can use to filter the products on the current page. The filter for products works with combinations of any of the other live filters that the extension provides, so that customers can find their desired products.


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  • Show heading – This option will display the heading.
  • Heading – You can use a customized heading or leave it empty to use the default. The heading is displayed if there are eligible products on sale.


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  • Show on shop pages only – Use this option to display the widget on relevant shop pages only. That includes the shop page, product tag and product category pages etc. This is enabled by default.
  • Show only if any products have a rating – This option is enabled by default.
  • Filter – Whether to use live filtering. With this option enabled, clicking the star ratings will take immediate effect and update the products displayed on the page without the need to reload it. With the option disabled, the visitor clicks the rating links and the page reloads. This option is enabled by default.


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  • Heading ID – The ID used for the HTML element of the heading.
  • Heading Class – The class used for the HTML element of the heading.
  • Heading Element – The HTML heading element.