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  • Queries

    You can use this report to learn what your customers want in detail. Discover what they can find and what not. Find out whether you sell what your customers need. The information you obtain through this section will help you to reveal what products your visitors are searching for and whether you are actually selling […]

  • Searches

    This report presents search statistics on an intuitive graph. The two curves that are shown represent searches with results and searches without results. Searches with results — These are searches that your visitors have performed and for which the Search Engine has been able to find matching products. Searches without results — These are also […]

  • Reports

    The Search Engine gathers priceless information on the searches it handles. You can use the reports that are based on this data to gain valuable insights about what your customers and potential customers are looking for when they browse your shop. To access the reports, go to WooCommerce > Reports > Search. We will discuss […]

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