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Note: This product is no longer sold on WooCommerce.com. This document was left available to you for help with configuration and troubleshooting, but is no longer updated.

2Checkout Gateway is a plugin that extends WooCommerce, allowing you to take payments via 2Checkout. This plugin utilizes the 2CO Pass-Through-Products Parameters that enables you to use the gateway without having to create products in the 2CO sellers area.

General information

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When the order goes through, the user is taken to 2CO to make a secure payment. No SSL certificate is required on your site. After payment the order is confirmed and the user is taken back to the thank you page.

2CO is a committed partner to protecting you, your business and your customers from fraudulent activities. 2CO uses statistical algorithms and data collection techniques to assess more than 300 variables in under 3 seconds to identify markers of fraud.


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  • Purchase and download the plugin zip file from WooCommerce.com
  • Login to your WordPress Admin. Click on Plugins | Add New from the left hand menu
  • Click on the “Upload” option, then click “Browse” to select the zip file from your computer. Once selected, press “OK” and press the “Install Now” button.
  • Activate the plugin.

Configure the gateway

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  • To configure the plugin, click on WooCommerce | Settings from the left hand menu, then the top tab “Checkout”. You should see “2Checkout” as an option in the list.
Screen Shot 2014-06-02 at 17.28.03
  • Optionally you can select the radio button next to this option to make it the default gateway.
  • You should see “2Checkout” displayed across the top of the page as a link also. Click on this to configure the plugin, and you will see a list of options:
    • Enable/Disable checkbox for this gateway.
    • The “Title” option allows you to determine what your customers will see this payment option described as on the checkout page.
    • The “Description” box controls the message that appears under the payment fields on the checkout page.
    • 2Checkout Account Number – Select the top right Avatar icon in your 2Checkout account area to view your Account number.
    • 2Checkout Secret Word – Defined by you in the 2CO account area. Go to: Account > Site Management to view your Secret Word.
    • Send Order Total as one item – Send the entire order as one single item to 2Checkout. This can be useful when selling physical products but still want to use the 2Checkout Single Page Checkout.
    • Test Mode – This is just to test your 2Checkout account information. No payment will be made.
    • Debug – If this option is checked then details of communication with 2Checkout are stored in a debug log at location /wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/logs/2checkout.txt.
    • Press Save changes to save your changes.
Screen Shot 2014-05-09 at 09.33.24

The account number can also be found in the email sent to the merchant from 2Checkout when a new 2CO account is created.

Purchase routines

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Standard Purchase Routine (purchase)

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When using the Standard Purchase Routine, the customer will be required to navigate through several pages and fill in the requested billing and shipping information (if applicable) to complete their order. The Standard Purchase Routine allows the customer to pay with credit card & via Paypal.

Single Page Checkout (spurchase)

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This purchase routine will list all of the customer’s cart information and billing information fields on a single page. The Single Page Checkout only allows credit cards. The Single Page Checkout is only used if the basket only contains intangible products (products set as Downloadable or Virtual Product Types in WooCommerce). If the basket contains tangible products or shipping cost, 2Checkout will automatically redirect the customer to the Standard Purchase Routine.

Shipping and purchase routines

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If you offer free shipping for tangible (i.e. physical) products, you need to add a New Shipping Method in your 2CO account. Under Shipping (in your 2CO account) you can add a New Shipping Method. Set the pricing to Free and then choose which countries this method should apply to.

If you sell physical products but still want to use the 2Checkout Single Page Checkout (or if you offer free shipping and don’t want to set up the Free Shipping Method in your 2CO account) you can activate the “Send Order Total as one item” checkbox in the gateway settings. This feature does just what it sounds like, it collects the Order Total and send it to 2Checkout as one intangible product (i.e. non physical).

2Checkout account setup

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  • This plugin uses 2Checkout’s x_receipt_link_url parameter to send the customer back to your site after payment is completed. For the return process to work properly the domain of your webshop must match the domain registered to the 2Checkout account.
  • Go to: Account > Site Management > Direct Return. Make sure that the radiobox Given links back to my website is checked.
  • Go to: Notifications > Order Created. Enter the URL to your Thank You Page.
    From version 1.3.2  the URL must be changed to http://yourdomain.com/?wc-api=WC_Gateway_Twocheckout


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The currency specified in WooCommerce must match the currency that has been specified in your 2Checkout account. Otherwise, the customer will be charged with the wrong amount.

WooCommerce version 2.1+ compatibility

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Version 1.3.3 of the 2Checkout gateway is compatible with WooCommerce version 2.1+.

Please note: From version 1.3.3  the callback URL must be changed to https://yourdomain.com/?wc-api=WC_Gateway_Twocheckout
  • Login to your 2Checkout account. Navigate to –> Notifications –> Settings.
  • Change the URL in Order created to – https://yourdomain.com/?wc-api=WC_Gateway_Twocheckout


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Does 2Checkout support automatic recurring payments?

No, only manual recurring payments. To see which payment gateways support recurring payments, see Subscription Payment Methods & Gateways.