Preset Workflows

Preset workflows (presets) were introduced in AutomateWoo 5.1.

Presets are pre-configured workflows that you can choose from to quickly and easily create your own workflows. They include example content that you can build upon and modify to meet your store’s unique needs.

How do presets work?

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Creating a workflow from a preset will create a draft workflow pre-configured with the appropriate trigger, rules and actions that will be needed (including adding some example email content).

Once the draft has been created, simply double-check the configuration and make any adjustments needed for your store’s unique requirements – then activate it.

Step by Step

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  1. We have added a new tab to the Workflows page called “Browse presets”. Navigating to this tab you will see a list of available presets.

2. Choose from the selection of presets and click either “Create workflow“.

3. This will create a draft (i.e. disabled) workflow and redirects you to the edit page. Here, you can review the draft workflow and modify it according to your requirements. For example, you may want to change the email content, or create a new coupon to include in the email.

Be sure to review all the information generated by the preset because in some cases (like coupons, for example) you need to update a few fields before activating the workflow.

4. In order to activate the generated workflow, after reviewing its fields and content, simply change its status from “Disabled” to “Active”, and save the workflow. Clicking save will display a final reminder to check the workflow configuration:

  • Confirm all the values
  • Review any email content/text
  • Substitute placeholder values (e.g. coupon templates)

5. Click confirm to active and save the workflow.

What presets are available?

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AutomateWoo provides a range of popular preset workflows for you to choose from. In fact, many of our example workflows have presets available to help get you up and running and seeing immediate value from AutomateWoo.

  • Abandoned Cart – Trigger a follow-up email to the customer in case they have abandoned their cart for more than 4 hours.
  • Credit Card – Send credit card expiry reminders – trigger an email to customers reminding them that a saved credit card will expire soon.
  • Cross-sells – Promote complimentary products – trigger an email to encourage a repeat purchase from customers by showing them complementary products or services depending on what they’ve purchased.
  • Loyalty – Reward repeat customers – trigger an email to reward customers who have made a certain number of orders on your store.
  • New Customer – Welcome new customers = trigger an email when someone makes their first purchase on your store to welcome them as a customer.
  • Reviews – Reward Customers for their reviews – trigger an email to customers who leave a review on your products.
  • Winback – Promote recent products – trigger an email to encourage customers back to your store by showing them your recent products.