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Back In Stock Notifications


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Back In Stock Notifications makes it possible for logged-in customers and guests to get notified via e-mail when out-of-stock products become available. The plugin appends a sign-up form right after the “Out of stock” availability status of sold-out Simple products and Variations.

Important: If you have configured WooCommerce to hide out-of-stock products and variations in your catalog, customers will not be able to sign up for back-in-stock alerts. To check your settings:

  1. Navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Inventory.
  2. Make sure that Out of stock visibility > Hide out of stock items from the catalog is disabled.

Notification sign-ups for all products are listed under WooCommerce > Stock Notifications > Notifications. Notifications can be:

  • filtered by customer e-mail, product, or variation; and
  • exported in a CSV file — useful if you need to import contact details in your favorite e-mail marketing platform/tool.

When a product is restocked, the plugin creates a queue with all pending notification e-mails and processes them in batches using Action Scheduler – a robust, battle-tested task processing system used by WooCommerce core. Thanks to Action Scheduler, the plugin can send an unlimited number of notifications without issues.

Note: Back In Stock Notifications cannot guarantee or measure e-mail deliverability. Most e-mail providers limit the number of e-mails that you can send through them per day. For example, Gmail will not deliver more than 500 e-mails/day. For details, please read this E-Mail FAQ. If your store is sending a large volume of e-mails:

Back In Stock Notifications can be configured to send notifications only when restocking above a minimum quantity threshold. For a detailed list of all settings provided by the plugin, check out the Getting Started > Settings section of the Store Owner’s Guide.

Important: Back In Stock Notifications requires WooCommerce 3.5+.

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Troubleshooting & Support

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Purchased Back In Stock Notifications and need assistance? If you’ve found an issue:

  1. Ensure you have the latest versions of all extensions and themes. Go to WooCommerce > System Status to check for plugin updates and other important information that may require your attention.
  2. Rule out a plugin conflict: Turn off all plugins except WooCommerce and WooCommerce Back In Stock Notifications. If the issue is resolved, find the plugin that triggers it by re-activating plugins one by one.
  3. Rule out a theme conflict. Activate Storefront, or a default WordPress theme such as Twenty Twenty and check if the issue still occurs. If it doesn’t, please contact your theme author(s).
  4. Read the most Frequently Asked Questions for possible solutions.
  5. Use the WooCommerce Self Service Guide.

If you followed these steps but the issue persists, please get in touch with us!