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Frequently Asked Questions

Confirmations and Notifications

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Notification e-mails are not delivered to signed-up customers.

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Here’s how to diagnose issues with undelivered e-mails:

1. Check if WooCommerce is able to process and send notifications.

The plugin sends notification e-mails in batches using Action Scheduler — a robust task queuing system used by WooCommerce to process scheduled updates and other tasks in the background.

Normally, the first notification e-mail should leave your system 2-3 minutes after a restocking event. However, if the Action Scheduler queue is full, it may take WooCommerce a bit longer to send the first notification.

In some cases, Action Scheduler may fail to process background tasks: If WP Cron is disabled on your system, or if your server is unable to “talk to itself” (perform loopback requests), WooCommerce updates may fail to install, and other important tasks (such as e-mail deliveries) will not be processed.

To find out if Action Scheduler works, go to Tools > Scheduled Actions, and check the Pending tasks in your system. If the oldest Pending task is more than a few days old, it might be a good idea to reach out to your host or system administrator and confirm that:

  • WP Cron is enabled; and
  • your system can perform loopback requests.

2. Check the sending limits of your e-mail provider.

Most e-mail providers limit the number of e-mails that you can send through them. For example, Gmail will not deliver more than 500 e-mails/day. For details, please read this E-Mail FAQ. If your store is sending a large volume of e-mails:

Questions & Support

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