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Compatibility and Integrations

Back In Stock Notifications has been designed from the ground up to follow WooCommerce conventions and sound engineering practices. However, third-party extensions or plugins may not always interact with it in a seamless, predictable manner. We can only guarantee that a plugin will work with Back In Stock Notifications only after reviewing its code for potential issues.

Supported Extensions

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The following extensions are supported through an integration layer maintained by our team. For any issues with these extensions, our Support Team should be your primary contact point.

Extension/Plugin Name Notes
WooCommerce Product Bundles View

WooCommerce Product Bundles

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The integration makes it possible to sign up and be notified when product bundles become available.


It is not possible to sign up and receive back-in-stock notifications for custom bundle configurations. The sign-up form is only available for bundles with an Out of stock status, or bundles with an Insufficient stock status that contain mandatory, insufficiently stocked items that cannot be purchased at the required quantity.


In the following bundle, “Happy Ninja Tee” comes in different sizes. If one of the available sizes is in stock, the bundle can be purchased. The sign-up form for notifications does not appear when choosing the out-of-stock size. If all “Happy Ninja Tee” sizes are out of stock, the bundle cannot be purchased and customers can request to be notified when it becomes available. A notification will be sent when any “Happy Ninja Tee” size is back in stock.

The selected “Happy Ninja Tee” is out of stock, but another size exists that is in stock. The sign-up form does not appear.
All “Happy Ninja Tee” sizes are out of stock. Customers can sign up to be notified when the bundle becomes available.

Questions & Support

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