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Use Case: Offer Bundle-Sells

You have probably seen bundle-sells before: Much like a cross-sell, a bundle-sell is an offer to purchase a helpful add-on, along with the currently viewed product.

Compared to cross-sells, bundle-sells are easier to discover and convert immediately. This makes them ideal for recommending highly related, optional items that are:

  • frequently bought with the viewed product;
  • lower in cost; and
  • usually high in margin.

Product Bundles lets you add “frequently bought together” recommendations to any product from the Product Data > Linked Products tab.

The presentation of bundle-sells on the single-product page is optimized for WooCommerce. In most small- to medium-size WooCommerce stores, bundle-style recommendations convert better on average when offered above the add-to-cart button:

  • Bundle-sells are easier to discover this way, because they are more tightly coupled with the main product.
  • Adding new page elements and sections to display bundle-sells makes them easier to miss or ignore. Clutter is not a WooCommerce feature.

Plugins/Extensions Used

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To add a bundle-sell to an existing product:

  1. Go to the Products admin page.
  2. Edit a product that you consider a good candidate for offering bundle-sells.
  3. Go to Product Data > Linked Products and locate the Bundle-sells field.
  4. Search for an optional product to recommend and add it.
  5. Repeat, if needed.
  6. Enter a Bundle-sells title below, e.g. “Frequently Bought With…”.
  7. Remember to Update the product to save your changes.

Only Simple and Subscription type products can be offered as Bundle-Sells.

Adding a Bundle-Sell.


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Compared to other recommendation types, bundle-sells are more likely to end up having a negative impact on conversion. Use them sparingly and wisely. As a rule of thumb, bundle-sells ought to be relevanthelpful and lower in cost than the viewed product. If in doubt, ensure that your choices are backed up by strong, data-driven evidence.

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