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Use Case: Offer Up-Sells

Up-selling — offering a better, usually more expensive version of a product — is one of the best reasons to use Product Bundles. The extension allows you to:

  1. Create kits including a main product of interest, along with some related, usually optional products.
  2. Promote these kits using the Up-Sells feature built into WooCommerce.

In this case, the offer aims to make the purchase an enhanced version of a product appealing — that’s is what up-selling is all about. However, instead of presenting a different product with better specs (and a higher price tag), a similar result is possible by offering a version of the viewed product that includes some helpful extras.

This works best when the decision to opt for the kit version is an easy one. In general:

  • The matching has to be helpful.
  • The added extras should be relatively inexpensive and/or potentially appealing to as many customers as possible.

To understand how this works, let’s apply the idea to an example:

At the Dummy Woo Skate Shop, new Skateboard Decks are commonly purchased along with some Grip Tape, which is applied on the deck. The shop staff saw this as an opportunity to create kit versions of their popular Decks that include some Grip Tape. When customers view a Deck, they are presented with an offer that’s difficult to ignore:

Offering a Kit as an Up-Sell.

Plugins/Extensions Used

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This example assumes that you have already created the Zero Bold Black and Skate Mental Rolling Paper products. Then:

  1. Create the Zero Bold Black + Skate Mental Grip Tape bundle. To make the offer more appealing, add a discount to the Skate Mental Rolling Paper.
  2. Locate Zero Bold Black and edit it.
  3. In the Product Data panel, go to the Linked Products tab in the left menu.
  4. Use the Up-Sells field to find the Zero Bold Black + Skate Mental Grip Tape bundle you created.
  5. Click to add it.
  6. Update the product.

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