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Volume Discount Coupons

Volume Discount Coupons helps to increase unit sales and overall sales by enabling discounts based on quantities, including cross-promotions across products and categories.


  • API

    The Volume Discount Coupons extension includes functions that can be used to customize templates. To render coupon description/info for a product in a template, the $product object can be used as follows: The WooCommerce_Volume_Discount_Coupons_Shortcodes class provides additional methods that can be used.

  • Shortcodes

    The Volume Discount Coupons extension provides the following shortcodes: [volume_discount_coupons] – Renders a pretty coupon with information. [coupon_volume_discount] – Renders the generated volume discount information. These shortcodes require the indication of the coupon code via the code attribute, for example: [volume_discount_coupon code=”test”] … would render a pretty coupon for the coupon whose code is test. […]

  • Coupon Settings

    The settings that are described here require the Volume Discount Coupons extension. If you have not worked with coupons in WooCommerce yet or just need a refresher, you should review the section on Coupon Management before you proceed. To take full advantage of the extended settings we discuss here, a basic understanding of handling coupons […]

  • Installation

    Volume Discount Coupons is an extension for WooCommerce. Use of the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce is recommended. Install and activate the Volume Discount Coupons plugin: Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin. Choose File for the file you have downloaded. Install Now and Activate Plugin. The extension is basically […]

  • Volume Discount Coupons

    The Volume Discount Coupons extension for WooCommerce provides automatic discounts and coupons based on the quantities of products in the cart. The following videos provide a tour around volume discount coupons in action on the front end and a view of admin settings on the backend. In the first video, see a customer’s view on […]


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