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Set up a “Free Gifts” offer


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The Buy One Get One Free plugin includes the “Product as a gift” promotion type (review all promotion types included in the plugin). This promotion type allows you to offer gifts to your customers for their purchases.

The plugin will display the gifts (products at a special price) in the “Choose your gift” area.

In this article, you’ll review:

  • How the “Product as a gift” promotion type works.
  • How to display the gift on any page using the [wc_choose_your_gift] shortcode.
  • Customize the [wc_choose_your_gift] shortcode using arguments.

Offer Gifts to Your Customer

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This section will show how the “Product as a gift” promotion type works. Before reading this article, take a moment to review how to add and manage BOGO Promotions in the getting started guide.

The products you set as a gift must be purchasable, i.e., the product is public, and it is in stock (or out of stock, but it allows backorders).

Allow the customer to choose the gift

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In our example, the customer can select a product from the “Accessories” category for free if he buys two “Long Sleeve Tee.”

Below, you can see a screenshot with the promotion details.

WooCommerce Free Gift settings example

When the customer adds two “Long Sleeve Tee” to the cart, the plugin will display a notice to notify the user that he can add one product for free.

Choose your gift in WooCommerce notice

You can modify the message and the link texts of this alert in the plugin settings.

The customer will be redirected to the gift area after clicking on the “Choose your gift” link. The area lists the available products that the customer can buy at a special price.

In our example, the customer can add one accessory for free. After adding the free accessory, the plugin redirects the customer to the cart since there are no more products to add at a special price.

WooCommerce choose your gift in action

Add a gift automatically to the cart

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The Product as a gift” promotion type also allows configuring offers that automatically add a product to the cart when the customer buys other products.

We’ll use the example “Buy three hoodies (of any color) and get one cap for free” to show how this option works.

WooCommerce automatic gift settings

After the customer purchases three hoodies, the plugin will add a free cap to the cart and notify the user with a message.

WooCommerce automatic free gift message

Display the Gifts on a Specific Page

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By default, the plugin displays the gifts on the cart page after the cart, but you can display the gifts on a different page using the [wc_choose_your_gift] shortcode.

Adding the [wc_choose_your_gift] shortcode

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Go to WordPress dashboard > Pages > All Pages and edit the page you wish to show the gifts. Add the shortcode block to the page, and enter [wc_choose_your_gift] in the input text. Save the changes.

Adding the choose your gift shortcode for WooCommerce

Update the settings

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The next step is to tell the plugin to redirect users to the page you edited in the above step to add the gift. Go to WooCommerce > Buy One Get One Free > Settings tab

Then set the option “Display eligible free gift(s) on” to “A page that contains the [wc_choose_your_gift] shortcode,” and set the page of the above step to the “Choose your gift page” option. Save the changes.

WooCommerce Free Gift layout settings

Shortcode arguments

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The shortcode supports the following arguments:

  • columns – The number of columns to display. 
  • limit – The number of products to show per page. Defaults to -1 (display all)
  • title – A title to display before the products.
  • no_results – true or false. If true, display a message when there are no eligible free items. Default true

The following example displays the products in four columns and eight elements per page.

[wc_choose_your_gift columns="4" limit="8"]


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Does the extension allow customers to select a variation as a gift?

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Yes, the customer can choose the variation of a variable product if you select “Customer can choose the gift” in the promotion settings.

Can I choose the variations offered as a gift?

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Yes. You can use conditions to define the variations included in the offer.

Can I set up a discount price instead of free?

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Yes. The plugin allows you to set a percentage discount in the offer details.

Is the extension compatible with “All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions”?

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Yes. The plugin will remove the subscription options of the “gift” products.

Can the customer remove the “gift” product from the cart?

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Yes. The customer can remove the gift from the cart. After removing it, the plugin will display the “choose a gift” notices again.

Can I set a “private” product as a gift?

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No. To the customer can add a product to the cart, the product must be public. If you want to hide the “gift” product, you can use the visibility options.

Hide a product from shop catalog in WooCommerce

Can I offer the gifts only if the customer spends more than a specific amount?

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Yes. The BOGO promotions support the minimum amount restriction. Review this restriction in the getting started guide.

Can I offer the gifts only if the customer uses a coupon?

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Yes. Use the coupon restriction field of the promotion settings.