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Snapchat Pixel

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In order to be able to create the Snapchat pixel you need a Snapchat ad account. You can use an existing one, otherwise create a new ad account in the Snapchat business manager.

  1. Open the Snapchat business manager at business.snapchat.com
  2. Open Pixels in the menu on the left and then click Create PixelSnapchat
  3. Give it a descriptive name and click Create.Snapchat
  4. Select the ad account and copy the pixel ID.Snapchat
  5. Paste and save the pixel ID into the Pixel Manager.Snapchat
  6. Optionally, enable automated matching in the Snapchat pixel.SnapchatSnapchat

Advanced Matching

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Advanced Matching is an optional addition to your Snapchat tag that matches conversion data with the person responsible for the conversion. Advanced Matching sends hashed emails and phone numbers to Snapchat to match site events.

Pixel Helper

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You can get the Snap Pixel Helper from the Chrome web store: Snap Pixel Helper

It will help you to verify that the pixel fires correctly.