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Use Case: Job Agency

Scenario ↑ Back to top

You own a Job Agency and you would like your customers to be able to sign up as a member to access additional pages on your site. When signing up you want them to be able to upload a CV document.

Products Used ↑ Back to top

WooCommerce Memberships
WooCommerce Product Addons

Setup and Configuration ↑ Back to top

Create membership product ↑ Back to top

Go to: Product > Add Product
We can leave the product as a simple product and just set the regular price to purchase this product.

Addons settings ↑ Back to top

In the Addons tab click the “Add Field” button.
We are going to set the type as a “File upload” field.
Set the title to “CV” and check the box to make it a required field.

You can now publish this product.

Create Membership plan ↑ Back to top

To be able to grant access to a Membership when purchasing the product we created in the previous step, we will need to create a
Go to: WooCommerce > Membership Plans and click the “Add Membership Plans” button.
Give the Membership plan a title.
For Grant access upon we will select product(s) purchase, and then select the product we created in the previous step.

Publish the membership, now you’re all set!

Usage ↑ Back to top

This is what it will look like for your customers:

Single product


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