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  • Email Campaigns

    WooCommerce Follow-ups is a premium WooCommerce extension. Follow-Ups automatically sorts your emails into a pre-defined set of email types. These types make sense for creating a specific “type” of email – for example Subscriptions, Tweets, or Product Specific emails. But for grouping your emails according to your marketing plans, this is not always optimal. This is […]

  • Follow-Up Emails Use Case: Send a Request for Review after a Successful Purchase

    Customers typically send reviews of your products on their own. In case they don’t, either because they forget or they don’t know it’s possible, you can ask them to do it after X days. Requirements Configure a Review email Go to Follow-Up Emails > New Email and click Add New at the top of the screen. Add a title for […]

  • Follow-Ups

    Follow-Ups is an extension that can act as an auto-responder and customer relationship tool for your WooCommerce store, allowing you to define and create customized emails that are automatically delivered to a customer’s email inbox at defined intervals after a specific action: Promote products, advertise sales, send customized coupons, remind users about specials — the […]

  • Follow-Up Emails vs AutomateWoo

    If you’re considering choosing between Follow-up emails and AutomateWoo, below is a comparison between them as well as a breakdown of the various “triggers” and integrations offered by each extension. The key difference is that AutomateWoo is more flexible. AutomateWoo allows you to build workflows that are made up of different combinations of Triggers, Rules […]