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WooCommerce Sales Analysis


  • Unit Sales

    Unit Sales represent the total number of individual items sold per product, within a given period of time. The report on Unit Sales answers questions like: How many units have we sold in this quarter? Which model is selling more? Has this product line met our expected growth? The evolution of Unit Sales over time […]

  • Product Revenue

    The report on Product Revenue represents the total net revenue per product for any desired period of time. This report provides specific insights: What is the composition of the company’s revenue? Which products contribute more to our total revenue? What is the total net revenue generated per product and country? In which markets is a […]

  • Products by Country

    The report on Products by Country provides a detailed view on the orders placed per product and country. This report is very valuable in that it provides answers to these questions, among others: Which products contribute substantially to our sales volumes? Where are the markets for our products? What products are commonly sold along with […]

  • Sales by Country

    The report on Sales by Country helps management to understand regional aspects of sales and revenue. Answers to these key questions can be drawn easily using this report: Where are we selling, what are we selling there and how much? Which regions are the most profitable? Does our marketing work in these countries? Where do […]

  • Customer Analysis

    This Customer Analysis concentrates on the number of customers and related revenue by country. The report provides answers to these key questions: Where are our customers? How many customers do we have per country and what is the related net revenue? How much do our customers spend on average? What is our average revenue per […]

  • Revenue Analysis

    The Revenue Analysis provides a view on the income generated from the sales of your products over time. This report presents a view on the net sales revenue for any chosen time period. It provides the basis for performance comparisons of revenue obtained between different time periods and product segments. The report helps to provide […]

  • Order Analysis

    The Order Analysis shows the trend for order volume over time. This report helps to understand whether the number of orders placed by customers is increasing or decreasing. As its focus is on order volume, it provides a more general quantitative approach to viewing business performance. The report provides a visually intuitive representation of how […]

  • Overview

    All sales analysis reports are available on the WordPress Dashboard under WooCommerce > Reports > Analysis. The reports reflect data based on the following: Data from orders that are processing or completed is taken into account. Revenues represent net amounts, excluding taxes, shipping and taxes on shipping. Each report presents its data for a given […]

  • Sales Analysis for WooCommerce

    Sales Analysis helps the management of a business to evaluate its economic performance, to recognize trends and to take appropriate decisions. With accurate real-time data readily present, the reporting tools we put at the manager’s disposal are essential to discover trends and to optimize the profit margin of your business. These analyses also help your […]

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