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Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Functionality

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Is it possible to create subscription plans with Sign-Up fees and/or Free Trials?

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The subscription plans created with All Products For Subscriptions do not support Sign-Up Fees or Free Trials just yet!

Does the extension support quick-pay buttons?

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No, All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions does not support quick-pay buttons.

I would like to add a product/cart to an existing subscription but don’t see an ‘Add to an existing subscription’ checkbox.

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It is not possible to add a product/cart to an existing subscription when the chosen plan is synchronized and prorated.

Is it possible to add different subscription plans to individual variations?

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All subscription plans added to a Variable product are automatically inherited by its Variations. Currently, it is not possible to add subscription plans at Variation level.

The plugin provides some flexibility for adding subscription plans to individual variations programmatically using the wcsatt_product_subscription_scheme filter. For assistance with this, please consider hiring a qualified WordPress/WooCommerce Developer like a WooExpert.

Is it possible to purchase products on Subscription without logging in?

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Currently, it is not possible to purchase products on Subscription without logging in first.

This is a WooCommerce Subscriptions limitation, due to the fact that subscriptions persist beyond a single transaction and therefore must be associated with a user account in order to keep track of renewals and other features.

To allow users to register or login during checkout, please navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Accounts & Privacy and enable the Account Creation option.

Issues with auto-optimizer plugins.

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Auto-optimizer plugins prevent All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions scripts from running, which causes issues with the extension’s basic functionality. More specifically, when auto-optimizer plugins are used, All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions animations and price updates do not function properly.


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I would like to switch the subscription plan of a product in an existing subscription but don’t see an ‘Upgrade or Downgrade’ button!

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Switching is not supported for Product Bundles and Composite Products when Length Proration is disabled and the current subscription has a fixed length.

I have purchased a Product Bundle on subscription and would like to switch to a different plan. However, when I click the ‘Upgrade or Downgrade’ button, I don’t see any subscription plan options.

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Product Bundles and Composite Products do not support plan switching. Only content switching is supported for these product types.

Can I add a product to a subscription plan using a specially-constructed Add to Cart URL?

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Yes! To add a product with a selected plan to the cart, you need to pass the convert_to_sub_ID property.

Plain Text

For example, to add a Simple Product with ID=10 to the cart on a monthly Subscription, use the following Add to Cart URL:



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I have an issue with duplicate Subscription plans in variable products

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By default, All Products for Subscriptions edits the variation price element and adds Subscription plans there. Some plugins, such as Germanized for WooCommerce, replace the Catalog Price with the selected variation price. This causes Subscription plans to show up twice in Variable Product pages.

To move Subscription plans outside the variation price element and therefore prevent Subscription plans from showing up twice in Variable Product pages, use the following snippet:

add_filter( 'wcsatt_modify_variation_data_price_html', '__return_false' );


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Is there a way to edit a text string in the plugin?

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You can use a plugin such as Loco Translate to edit text strings. This is the best way to customize WooCommerce text strings, as the edits will not be overwritten when plugins are updated.

After activating Loco Translate,

  1. Go to Loco Translate > Plugins and click All Products for Subscriptions.
  2. Click on New Language.
  3. Choose the desired or your site’s default language in the dropdown menu.
  4. Select Custom in the Choose a location option.
  5. Press Start Translating.
  6. Search for the string you want to edit.
  7. Select it and add your modification.
  8. Press Save.

For more details visit Generating a New Translation.

Questions & Support

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