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Cashier for WooCommerce


  • How to enable Side Cart widget

    The cart page is an extra step that can increase abandonment. Cashier for WooCommerce plugin provides a side cart widget that can make access to the cart very easy. This plugin also provides a cart icon clicking on which users can quickly review what’s in their cart in a sidebar popup without actually visiting the […]

  • How to redirect to checkout or other pages on click of ‘Add to Cart’ link?

    Cashier for WooCommerce plugin provides a ‘Add to Cart Redirect’ feature using which you can redirect users to checkout or any other page or custom URL when a product is added to cart. You can configure redirects at the following levels, in order of priority – for product variation and product. Steps to enable Add to […]

  • How to set up product recommendations automatically?

    Cashier for WooCommerce plugin automatically picks and shows products as upsells and cross-sells, based on your store’s previous orders. No configuration required, runs on auto-pilot. If your store orders contain more back case purchases with iPhone than headphones, the plugin will automatically recommend a back case when the user purchases an iPhone. All you need […]

  • How to enable a direct checkout?

    Cashier plugin provides Buy Now button links using which you can enable a WooCommerce direct checkout. Clicking on the Buy Now button will skip the cart and land users straight to the checkout page. And if users’ previous orders and card/payment details are available, it will complete the order in one click, skipping checkout and […]

  • Cashier for WooCommerce

    Cashier for WooCommerce is a single plugin for all major customizations in cart / checkout flow within WooCommerce. Installation Download the .zip file from your WooCommerce account. Go to: WordPress Admin > Plugins > Add New to upload the file you downloaded. Activate the extension. More information at: Installing and Managing Plugins. Setup and Configuration […]

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