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Order Delivery


  • Delivery Checker for WooCommerce

    Overview Delivery Checker for WooCommerce plugin allows your users to verify the delivery availability of products on their zip code before placing the order. They can also check the delivery days, weekend delivery, and COD availability. Our plugin generates an analytics report of the pin code checker form, which contains all the zip codes entered in […]

  • What’s New in Order Delivery 1.9

    In version 1.9 of Order Delivery, we have added the option of placing the delivery fields in different locations of your checkout form. We’ve also added support for the popular WooCommerce Print Invoices & Packing lists and WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips extensions. Checkout location On the settings page, you will find a new […]

  • What’s New in Order Delivery 1.8

    The 1.8 version of Order Delivery adds a highly demanded feature: The option to restrict the number of orders allowed in a delivery day or time frame. Number of orders A new setting has been added to the Delivery Day form and the Delivery Time Frame form. This setting called Number of orders is self-explanatory. It […]

  • What’s New in Order Delivery 1.7

    This release continues improving the possibilities of working with the shipping methods. Let’s see what includes. Requirements WooCommerce 3.0+ WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.2+ (Optional) Delivery ranges Now, you can define different delivery ranges for your shipping methods. A great feature when you work with multiple shipping providers and want to offer different choices to your customers […]

  • What’s New in Order Delivery 1.6

    This release is focused on improving the usability on the settings pages and adding some enhancements to the features introduced in the previous version. Requirements WooCommerce 2.6+ WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.2+ (Optional) Enhanced shipping methods selector Now, selecting the available shipping methods for a delivery day or time frame is more intuitive. In order to select […]

  • Shipping methods in Order Delivery

    In a WooCommerce store, the shipping methods are grouped by locations (Shipping Zones). The available shipping methods depend on the customer’s shipping address. But, what happens if you need to define shipping methods that only work on weekends? Or set an extra fee for the orders delivered on Saturday mornings? Another missing feature in the […]

  • Order Delivery Setup and Configuration

    To configure the extension Order Delivery go to “WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping & Delivery“. You can also access directly by clicking on the “Settings” link of the extension on the plugins page. Shipping Options From the “Shipping & Delivery” tab, go to the “Shipping Options” section. This section is important to determine the shipping date […]

  • What’s New in Order Delivery 1.5

    This minor release is focused on improving the functionality of the delivery days. It allows the merchants to define Delivery Time Frames / Time Slots and the available Shipping Methods for each delivery day. Requirements WooCommerce 2.6+ WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.2+ (Optional) Delivery Time Frames / Time Slots This feature was a recurring question in our support […]

  • Delivery Time Frames

    The customers don’t want to spend the whole day waiting for the order. That’s why since version 1.5.0, the extension allows defining Delivery Time Frames / Time Slots. That means you can divide a delivery day into multiple ranges of hours. For example: Morning: 8:00 am – 12:00 pm Afternoon: 12:00 pm – 16:00 pm Etc. […]

  • What’s New in Order Delivery 1.4

    This minor release comes with many features and is focused on helping the merchants to prioritize their orders and notify them when something relevant happens in their stores. It also includes some usability enhancements. Requirements WooCommerce 2.6+ WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.2+ (Optional) Shipping Date The delivery date of an order is a very helpful information for […]

  • Order Delivery in Subscriptions

    Order Delivery is compatible with the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension and it works out of the box without any additional configuration. This means that the customers can select a delivery date and define the delivery preferences for the recurring orders created from a subscription. Requirements WooCommerce 2.6+ WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.2+ Checkout When a customer makes a purchase, […]

  • What’s New in Order Delivery 1.3

    This minor release is focused on add support with the WooCommerce Subscription extension. Requirements WooCommerce 2.5+ WooCommerce Subscriptions 2.2+ (Optional) Subscriptions If you are using the WooCommerce Subscription extension, we have great news for you. Since version 1.3, Order Delivery is fully compatible with this extension and its works out of the box without any additional configuration. […]

  • Order Delivery Roadmap

    WooCommerce Order Delivery is in active development. Our intention with this roadmap is to provide a guide of the features and improvements that we plan to introduce in the following releases. This roadmap is for guidance only and might change in the future or during the development process. Note: This extension follows the Semantic Versioning […]

  • What’s New in Order Delivery 1.2

    WooCommerce Order Delivery version 1.2 is a minor release that comes to fix some of the most asked questions in the support tickets and make easier the initial setup for new users. These improvements are: The use of the WordPress date format. Translations for the plugin calendars. Requirements WooCommerce 2.5+  WordPress date format Now, the […]

  • Order Delivery

    Order Delivery for WooCommerce allows customers to choose a delivery date during the checkout process or notifies them about shipping and estimated delivery dates. The store owner can decide which dates are unavailable for shipping and delivery (on holidays or similar) and disable specific delivery periods by country or state. The number of orders that […]

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