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WooCommerce Subscriptions

Start with our Introduction to WooCommerce Subscriptions, a premium WooCommerce extension that allows you to sell products and services with recurring payments.



  • 2020 New Visa Requirements for Subscriptions with a Free Trial

    Visa is updating their conditions which govern the use of free-trials and introductory offers as part of an ongoing subscription service. We’ve put together this guide to step through what changes you need to make to comply. Do these changes apply to me?  The new requirements from Visa apply to your business if you offer […]

  • Creating a Subscription Product

    WooCommerce Subscriptions allows you to add simple subscription products or variable subscription products to your store, much like WooCommerce does for normal products. Much about subscription product creation will be familiar if you’ve made other products in WooCommerce. However, subscription products have some additional options to control the subscriber experience. Simple Subscriptions To create a […]

  • Creating a Synchronized Subscription Product

    With synchronized renewals activated for your store, you can create synchronized subscriptions products or modify existing subscriptions product to have a synchronized renewal date. This guide explains the process for creating or editing subscription products to synchronize renewal payments for all your customers and a few important pieces of information about how synchronized renewals work […]

  • Deactivating WooCommerce Subscriptions

    Deactivating plugins often helps troubleshoot problems. However, deactivating WooCommerce Subscriptions can cause issues because it powers your store’s recurring billing system. Potential problems include: This guide provides a general overview of how to safely deactivate WooCommerce Subscriptions and manage related processes to avoid disruptions to your store. Stop Scheduled Actions When deactivating WooCommerce Subscriptions, stop […]

  • Discounts for WooCommerce Subscriptions

    Create discounts or increase the cost of subscription recurring, or make role-based pricing for WooCommerce Subscriptions.

  • Enabling Payment Gateways for Subscriptions

    WooCommerce Subscriptions is compatible with many payment gateways that have the features necessary for processing automatic payments. No Available Payment Gateways Warning During the checkout process, Subscriptions will offer a warning if there are no gateways enabled that support Subscriptions and manual payments are not accepted. This message appears on the checkout page in the […]

  • Failed Recurring Payment Retry System

    WooCommerce Subscription’s includes a Failed Recurring Payment Retry System which can help recover revenue otherwise lost due to a customer’s payment method being temporarily declined. For example, if the credit card balance reached its limit when the system attempted the first recurring payment and the bank declined the charge, Subscriptions can successfully process it a […]

  • How Subscriptions Manages Stock

    Setting up inventory management for subscription products is generally no different than setting stock for a simple product or variable product. The key difference is the subscription renewal process which, by default, acts as a recurring inventory reduction mechanism. This guide explains how this process works. How Subscription Renewal Orders Impact Stock Quantity WooCommerce Subscriptions […]

  • Introduction to WooCommerce Subscriptions

    WooCommerce Subscriptions is a premium WooCommerce extension that allows you to sell products and services with recurring payments. The content linked below aims to teach you how to do it, explaining which features are available and the options you should consider in choosing to sell products and services on an ongoing basis. There is also documentation written specifically […]

  • Limitations of PayPal Standard with Subscriptions

    Although PayPal Standard can be used with Subscriptions, it is also one of the most limited payment gateways. For this reason, it is highly suggested that you understand the limitations that will exist for your subscriptions that use PayPal Standard. What does PayPal Standard not support? Multiple Subscriptions The multiple subscriptions restriction refers to the […]